Sunday, June 5, 2016

Learning Spaces Redesigned: Center for Classroom Innovation

The Georgia Department of Education boasts a classroom with new design in mind.  The Center for Classroom Innovation leaves no stone unturned.  With the knowledgeable, Chara Lee our tour focused on pedagogy, technology, and space. Yes, all three in one silver bullet. Active, flexible learning space combined with the 21st Century Super C's (communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking) is the secret behind this design.  As documented, in Active Learning Spaces, research supports a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning.  Studies show active learing spaces increase engagement, promotes deeper participation, maximizes student achievement and elevates the idea that learning is fun.  Active Learning Spaces says, "just as there are a variety ways in which we learn, there must also be a variety of spaces in which learning occurs."  Let's take a virtual tour of the spaces that were featured in the Center of Classroom for Innovation.

Campfire Space
Features a round post-it note paper table.  Let the round table ideas flow.  Complete with movable dividers, comfortable seating, and  buoy chairs.  Buoy chairs as active as the students.  They are adjust according to size.  Flexible lighting features make this space a desirable learning cove.  Note: depending on fabric of the dividers, after looking at for a long period of time can cause dizziness.

MediaScape Space

Otherwise known as Starbucks or the group meeting area.  Perfect for whole group instruction. Elevating content and collaboration is key in this space.  Skyping an field expert or sharing a group presentation are a few of the many learning activities in this scape.  The hockey puck connector (shown below) allows a student to hook up their device to show the audience.  Folds up discretly in the middle of the table for stow away storage. The sofa is microfiber.  Easy to clean.  Lumbar support is positioned just right for maximum sofa comfort.

A desk suitable for the right and left handed student.  Adjustable desk height.  Students can comfortably sit backward in the seats with flexibility in mind.

Rolling Teacher Desk with Laptop Stand

Teachers can be where their students are with this rolling desk.  Complete with customizable drawers, hooks, modesty panel, and moving arm platform for tablets and laptops.

The Verb Chevron Table

One of my favorites - the chevron verb table.  Designed for mobility and collaboration.  The verb allows for a line of sight to person next to you. The dry erase board hangs on the nodes at each table. Easily transferable to tracts on the wall for presentation.

Are you ready to schedule a tour?  I highly recommend making a reservation today.  You will not be disappointed.  Chara Lee, tour guide, is a true treat.  For more information contact Chara at Center for Classroom Innovation.

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