Thursday, June 16, 2016

5 iPhone Life Hacks That You Never Knew Existed...

TechGal welcomes my mini-me guest blogger.  So thrilled to have her on my blog today.  She loves technology and writing is her "thing".

1.  Turn on zoom if you can't see something on your screen. Have you ever seen fine print on a website or app that you just can't read? Go to Settings> General> Accessibility and turn on zoom. To activate and to turn off, double tap on your screen with three fingers. To edit the magnification of the zoom or edit the filter and adjust other settings, triple tap with three fingers.

2. Set a timer to stop your music when the timer ends. Did you know that your timer can turn off your music for you? Yes! Go to your clock app and go to the "Timer" tab. Click the "When Timer Ends". Scroll to the bottom and hit "Stop Playing". Now set the timer and hit start!

3. Add or delete "Widgets" from your Notifications pull-down tab. Is that "Stocks" widget annoying you when you really don't want to see how the economy is going right now? You can just delete it. Scroll down to the end of the Today tab when you pull down the Notifications screen. You will see a button that reads, "Edit". Click on Edit and add or delete anything you want to by clicking the + or - .

4. To see which apps that you have used the most in one day or one week. Go to Settings>Battery. Click Last 24 Hours or Last 7 Days. There will already be a percentage beside each app that is shown. This percentage shows how much of your battery that these apps took up. Now click the tiny clock in the corner. Now, a time should show up beneath each app. This represents how much time you have spent on that app in the last week or day.

5. Put a folder inside a folder. This is one of my personal favorites because some apps fit with other apps, but there are several of them. For example, I have 2 monogram apps and I wanted to put them in a folder inside my "extras" folder. So, to do this, you need to make a folder of the apps that you want to put inside the other folder (this will be folder 1). Then, hold folder 1 with one hand and tap on the other folder's  upper left corner (folder 2). (Since you are tapping on the left corner of folder 2, you might want to use your right hand to hold and left hand to tap folder 2). Once folder 2 is open, drag folder 1 inside and you're good to go! {Tap where the black oval is}

Thank you mini-me for the fabulous "hacks".

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