Friday, July 1, 2016

The Mindset of a Maker Educator - KSU iTeach and Horizon's Maker Camp

The Maker Movement is taking education by storm.  Why is this movement so important?  According to NewsWeek's article, "Creativity Crisis", student creativity test scores (Torrence's IQ Test) had been rising until 1990, since then a steady decline.  Most apparent in grades K-5.  Why?  In the 1990's we saw more technology growth than ever.  The decade of the '90's introduced the World Wide Web, the Pentium Processor, and electric cars to name of few.  Our students were consuming more than producing.  The remedy?  Get them creating again.  Let's bring back the American Ingenuity. America is known for it's great inventors, specialists in figuring out new ways of doing things. A problem solving nation.

Leave it to the KSU iTeach Center, to make a mark on developing future creative genius's. The next cancer curer, expert reverse brain engineer, skilled cybercrime/cyberterrorism programmer. Creativity is a major component in thinking like an engineer.  KSU iTeach Center, takes our job seriously transforming the lives of students through STEAM (science, technology, arts, engineering and math).

Horizon's Maker Camp was no exception.  Our staff, worked with rising 1st graders to integrate Maker Camp with an emphasis on Coding.  A special thanks to our team members, Kris McBride @bebemomLeigh Martin @leighmlibrarian  and Helen Maddox @ITTechCafe who helped to make these student's day.

What did our campers learn at Horizon's ?  Campers were introduced to what it looked like to be a Maker.  Station Rotation allowed campers to rotate between the Sphero, Osmos Coding, and Ozobots.  After round one of rotations campers read stories by the amazing Leigh Martin, on big ideas and makers.  The last round concluded with STEAM challenges at each stop, Sphero, Osmos Coding, and Ozobots.  Want to learn more?  Read our S'more flier.