Wednesday, June 22, 2016

KSU iTeach Center Maker Camp

Makers Gonna Make, Make, Make

The first KSU iTeach Center Maker Camp was a huge success. Twenty campers grade K-5th marched through the doors of Kennesaw Hall ready to create.  What is a Maker?  A maker uses their imagination and materials (both techie and non-techie) around their environment to solve problems or invent something new.  Our unique camp provided campers with makerspace, a collaborative environment to design, prototype, and created manufactured works which would not be possible to individual working in spaces alone.

Camp kicked off in true camp fashion:  Tie Dye Shirts

Campers learned what it meant to be a maker.  Using books from our Maker Bookshelf, campers followed characters such as Rosie and her dream to be an engineer, Iggy and his passion for architecture, and a little girl and her canine assistant.  But most of all they learned a maker never gives up.  Making ideas out of your brain can be hard, says Kid President.  Get a dream, get a goal and go for it.  At the end of the week campers shared their thoughts on what a maker is...

Campers cracked the Osmos latest, Coding game.  Coding teaches logic and problem solving in a digital gaming environment.  

Personalized Learning with Ozobots

STEAM education becomes real and innovate with the Ozobot in hand.  The Ozobot is a tiny robot programmed to read lines.  The lines are hand coded by kids.  Codes can be created offline (using good 'ole fashioned paper), on the the app, or the Ozoblockly coding editor.  Take it a step further by personalizing the robots DIY skins.  Which is what inspired our campers.  Who wants to dance? Meet us at the disco party followed by a trip to the Bahamas.  Oh the places the Ozobot will go. Once they learned they could bring their Ozobot to life, they designed discos, cities, market places, vacation spots all with coded mazes for Ozobot to follow.

Spheros are a Hit!

Sphero is an app enabled robotic ball.  Combined with the Tickle App campers coded the Sphero to run obstacle courses.  Who's Sphero is faster?  Camper "J" explains how the Sphero works.

We loved the "giant sized" Jenga blocks.  Thanks to Hope King, from Ron Clark Academy for letting us borrow them.  You have inspired us to make a set! They made the obstacle super challenging.

Campers unleashed their creative juices while learning about parallel and serial circuits.  Who doesn't like to mold modeling clay and add a few lights, motors and sounds?  Check out Camper "C's" creation.

Lights! Camera! Action!  Campers wrote scripted and took their show on the road with Do Ink's chroma key feature.  Do you recognize these stars?

The week in review.  We still have spaces left in our July Maker Camp. Follow our camp fun on Twitter #MakerCamp2016


  1. Nisa- One of the things that amazes me about iTeach's Maker Camp is the amount of girls who came and became dived right into the tech stuff. I'm from an era where computers were for boys right along with legos, Lincoln Logs, and toy trains. Circuitry and programing were a boy's territory. After all, men but man on the moon - not women. I love that the girls rolled up their sleeves and got up to their elbows with tech! Thank goodness times change, huh?

  2. Ana, we did have alot of girls, didn't we? They were just as into as our boys. I hadn't even thought to look at it from that angle. Good point!