About Me

Hello, my name is Nisa Peek.  I grew up in the northern parts of Virginia, but have resided in the Georgia for the last decade and a half.  I truly enjoy all things Southern.  My friends say, I was a displaced "peach".  However, Virginia holds a dear place in my heart.

Teaching has always been a passion.  I can remember playing "school" with my stuffed animals growing up.  My college summers were filled with teaching swimming lessons to children and later, adults.  My teaching career begin in an amazing middle school in Chesapeake, VA.  This is where my love for technology blossomed.  Teaching students to use technology to solve real-life challenges were the highlight of my days.  My evenings were equally rewarding teaching adults basic computer skills at a local community college.

I am blessed beyond belief with my current role as an Instructional Technology Specialist at a local university.  Training teachers how to integrate technology into their curriculum is my favorite thing to do!

A special thanks to my dear children.  They inspire me daily.

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